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ASIAN good men massage

We are providing many kind of Asian relaxation massages.
You can experience deeply relax time in Asian styled luxury room.
Location and shop Information

Located central Tokyo Shinjuku 2-chome area.
Only 3min  walk from "Shinjuku Gyoenmae station no.1 exit
            2min walk from shinjuku sanchome station no. c5 exit

       YAMATO BLDG 4F,   2-12-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,  Tokyo
Tel  090-93711777
Email to
*Menu  6000JPY/60min.
  Chinese Oil Massage.
  Chinese Powder Massage
  Japanese Traditional "Seitai" Massage
  Thai Traditional Massage
  Japanese styled Osteopathy
  Korean Scrub Massage


Q. Should I make a reservation?
A. No, you can visit us freely. However if we will have full reservation
    I afraid if you will wait long time. We recommend you will
    make a reservation or confirmation.

Q .Should I clothes off? 
A .We will take a pair of disposable shorts(free) if you need.

Q. Are you a kind of escort club?
A. No,we are very professional relaxation and massage team.
    And also you can enjoy nudy and a litttle  sexal touch.  

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